1. What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Roofing Company?

    Benefits of Hiring a Roofing Company Roofing contractors are called when a roof leaks and needs to be fixed. This is also the case when a roof is rotting away and needs to be replaced. Many people want to do the job themselves, but it is always smarter to call in experts. These experts understand th…Read More

  2. 9 Common Shingle Roofing Problems

    Roofing problems, in general, result from a variety of factors, and left without repair a small issue can quickly escalate into a major, costly repair. Asphalt shingles are a very popular material, because, for the most part, they are durable, but there are some common problems with that need to be …Read More

  3. What Are the Different Kinds of Roof Restoration?

    Roof Restoration 101 The roof is extremely important to a home; it not only provides stupendous shelter from the elements outside, but also will certainly give those inside the home some peace of mind. Roofs, like all things, break down and become less efficient over time. The elements of nature ca…Read More

  4. Does My Flat Roof Need Maintenance?

    Kinds of Flat Roof Malfunctions The flat roof is a roofing system commonly found in a variety of residential and commercial locations, which although common can be the cause of a large number of problems that can be avoided or repaired by a professional roofing company. One of the major issues peopl…Read More

  5. Is Your Tile Roof in Need of Repair?

    Signs of Tile Roof Failure Tile roofs are most often damaged by ice, snow, severe spring and summer storms, and human foot traffic. The most common types of tile damage are broken, disintegrating, or loose tiles, all of which are usually caused by water and ice. Deterioration of flashing, fasteners,…Read More

  6. Benefits of Using Asphalt Shingles for Your New Roof

    Why your new roof should be an asphalt shingle roof When you build a new roof or restore an old one, you want to make sure that you use the right tools to get the job done right. For a roof that will last you for several years and provide you with quality coverage, consider the many benefits of usi…Read More

  7. What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Roofing Company?

    Benefits Of Hiring A Roofing Company Have you ever wondered or questioned if you could ever fix your roof that has recently been damaged by natural occurrences? Well, if you plan on doing so, I advice you to hire a roofing company in your stead. When debating between replacing or repairing your roof…Read More

  8. Make Sure Your Roof Is Safe!

    Express Roofing LLC believes in maintaining a strong commitment to the longevity of your home, which is why we recommend every homeowner invest in regular maintenance. Damage can swiftly ,spiral out of control and lead to additional problems in your home, including water damage, rotten walls, founda…Read More

  9. What Are the Benefits of Roof Cleaning?

    Benefits of roof cleaning Most people will agree that if they can save a few dollars here and there they feel they have accomplished something big. When it comes to your home, the desire to cut corners should not be a priority, especially if it affects the value of your most important asset and fami…Read More

  10. Is Maintenance for a Flat Roof Different?

    Flat Roof Maintenance If you have a flat roof on your home, then you may wonder what type of maintenance it requires. All roofs require maintenance but flat roof maintenance varies in a couple of different ways. Flat roofs tend to have more debris gather up on top of them because there is no way fo…Read More