1. Which Roof is Right for You?

    Why Choose Shingle Roofing for my Chandler Roof? The roof is one of the most visible areas of your Chandler home; this makes it important to choose the correct type of roofing material.While there are many type of material available the most functional and cost effective is the roofing shingle. Shin…Read More

  2. Is Shingle Roofing Right For You?

    Scottsdale Shingle Roofing Services Chances are your home roof is made out of individual shingles. These shingles help insulate the interior of your home and help avoid any sort of leaking taking place on the interior of the home as well. However, you do need to know about some general aspects of sh…Read More

  3. The Great Roof Debate

    Light Shingles vs Dark Shingles Homeowners and residential builders are continuing the ongoing debate about whether or not lighter-colored shingles last longer than darker-colored shingles. Even though the disparity regarding lifespan seems like a simple question to answer. The truth of the matter i…Read More

  4. 9 Common Shingle Roofing Problems

    Roofing problems, in general, result from a variety of factors, and left without repair a small issue can quickly escalate into a major, costly repair. Asphalt shingles are a very popular material, because, for the most part, they are durable, but there are some common problems with that need to be …Read More