1. Roofing Trends Come and Go

    Every year the roofing industry lights up with news of the latest and greatest trends. Industry veterans, home builders, and homeowners all get caught up in the latest technology and design trends. Roofs aren’t exactly a hotbed of innovative technology, but home renovations in general have become …Read More

  2. Your Top Mesa Roofing Questions Answered

    7 Of Your Top Mesa Roofing Questions Answered! Your roof seems to be a straightforward component of your home or business, but it can also seem to be quite complicated. While you probably don’t give your roof a lot of thought when it isn’t giving you any trouble, once you detect any type of roof…Read More

  3. What Roof is Best for You?

    Which Glendale Roof is Best for Me Depending on Climate? Tile, Shingles, or Flat? Different roofing materials are used for different areas because with changes in climate, people’s roof requirements change. Some areas receive heavy snowfall and need their roofs to be strong. Tropical and humid are…Read More