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Asphalt Shingle Installation in Mesa

Did you know that more than 80% of all American homes have an asphalt shingle roof? Though it seems high, this is hardly surprising to a roofer. Once homeowners learn about the material durability and high investment value of asphalt shingles, their follow-up question concerns aesthetic options. Many homeowners ask if square black shingles are still the only choice. The answer is no. Indeed, shingles are now available in a wide range of both colors and shapes, enabling the creative means to produce an incredible array of design options.

Your Mesa shingle roof may need to be replaced if you begin to notice your roof material curling, asphalt from the surface of the shingles showing up in your yard, or shingles that have fallen off the roof after a particularly severe storm or monsoon.

Tile Roof Installation in Mesa

Tile roofs have a long and rich history in hot climates such as those of Mesa, Arizona. The oldest tile roofs are said to date back to the Bronze Age. Archaeologists have even found roof tile fragments believed to have originated in ancient Greece during a period when thatched roofs began to be replaced by baked tile roofing material.

Clay tile roofs have become the predominant choice in parts of the world like Mesa, AZ, where clay is abundant. All across the southwestern United States and Mexico, these tile roofs are recognized for their architectural appeal and unmatched durability. Clay tile roofs are the primary roofing material of choice for discerning, detail-oriented homeowners in need of a tile roof replacement.

Flat Roofs And Commercial Building Roofs in Mesa

Flat roofs have their own particular properties that set them apart from their sloped counterparts. A flat roof can be an advantageous choice because it offers more usable space inside the building structure, as well as attachments like expansive rooftop patios.

The maintenance and installation of a Mesa Arizona flat roof also comes with its own unique set of demands. This is why it is so crucial to hire a qualified, considerate roofer who is experienced in the intricacies and requirements of a flat roof. Express Roofing is fortunate to have an entire team of such professionals.

The Right Mesa Roofer For Whatever Kind Of Roof You Have

With a long-standing reputation of excellent customer service, attention to detail and genuinely friendly professionalism, Express Roofing in Mesa is your ideal choice for any and all of your roofing needs. We offer a free, no-pressure inspection of your roof. Should we identify any issues with it, our expert Mesa roofing contractor team will prepare a comprehensive and detailed estimate of the work required so that you can occupy your home with confidence. With our expert assistance, your Mesa area home will be free of any issues that may negatively affect its value. We strive to leave nothing but positives in our wake.

Call us today at (877) 419-8468. The Mesa, AZ professional team at Express Roofing will be happy to look after the roof of your local residential or business property.

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