A series of brown and gray buildings with flat roofs overlooking the edge of a coastal ridge. Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash.

The decision to replace the roof on your house is never a simple one to make, but many homeowners seem to agree that flat roofing is a viable option for many residential properties, especially when you choose a Top Rated Local® roofing company like Express Roofing

So let’s say you’ve decided to install a flat roof on your home. All done, right? Wrong. The next crucial step involves selecting the right material for your roofing project. Fortunately, Express Roofing has you covered with this helpful guide.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best materials designed for flat roofing. We based our selections on the overall cost, average lifespan, and anticipated maintenance requirements for each material. We hope that you find a flat roof material that speaks to your aesthetic preferences — or, at the very least, stays under budget!

PVC Roofing

Short for polyvinyl chloride, PVC roofing is a highly popular and widely produced synthetic material that is both lightweight and strong — sort of like the titanium of manufactured plastics! In fact, PVC is so prevalent and practical, it’s used not only in roofing projects, but also in plumbing, doors, and window construction.

Applications aside, PVC roofing is an affordable option for both residential and commercial roof jobs. Its design makes it easy to install and drastically cuts down on labor costs and time investments for you and your contractor alike. Furthermore, it’s an extremely durable kind of plastic compound, with many PVC roofs lasting longer than 30 years!

Metal Roofing

If your roof has a significant slope or needs protection from external elements and harsh weather conditions, then metal roofing is likely an ideal material for you. Thanks to innovative manufacturing with corrosion-resistant steel and aluminum, metal roofing is now more similar in appearance to clay, stone, or wood than its dingy corrugated predecessors. 

Keep in mind that, due to its precise engineering process and installation complexities, metal roofing is one of the most expensive materials. If budget is a major concern for your flat roof project, you might be better off choosing a material with a lower price point.

Spray Foam Roofing

Looking for an innovative roofing material applied as a foam that solidifies into a durable layer but maintains the ability to expand and contract with shifting temperatures? Thankfully, there’s spray foam roofing for that. There are two primary kinds of spray foam roofing: elastomeric roof coating and five-ply roof restoration. Both of these materials could be a great and cost-effective choice for your flat roof update. 

Elastomeric roofing is a fantastic defense against harmful UV rays, which we certainly have an abundance of here in Maricopa County! The five-ply system is regarded as the highest quality of foam roof restoration, due in no small part to its impressive tensile strength of 5,200 PSI and its ensured years of little to no maintenance. 


There are many options for roofing materials, whether your home’s structure has a flat roof or a significant slope. But when it comes to residential roof installation or renovation, you can rest assured that regardless of which material you select, you’ll be in good hands so long as you work with a qualified and reputable contractor. For more information on the best flat roof materials for your home, please contact Express Roofing today!