1. Aerial photo of white pebbles and a green tile mosaic. Photo by John Mark Arnold on Unsplash

    2021 Roofing Trends: Best Shingle Roof Colors

    Every year brings new trends to the roofing industry, from colors to designs, and from materials to building methods. In 2021, roofing shingles have become synonymous with several growing and significant trends amongst homeowners’ and commercial property owners. All types of consumers may opt for …Read More

  2. Black metal roof on a glass building with white trim.

    2021 Roofing Trends: Metal Roof Colors & Designs

    This Year’s Most In-Demand Roofing Designs We’re well into the thick of 2021, which means that roofing industry trends, current colors, and design developments are finally making waves, especially in the world of metal roofing. In this guide from Express Roofing, we’ll tackle the most notable …Read More

  3. Roofing Trends Come and Go

    Every year the roofing industry lights up with news of the latest and greatest trends. Industry veterans, home builders, and homeowners all get caught up in the latest technology and design trends. Roofs aren’t exactly a hotbed of innovative technology, but home renovations in general have become …Read More