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Every year brings new trends to the roofing industry, from colors to designs, and from materials to building methods. In 2021, roofing shingles have become synonymous with several growing and significant trends amongst homeowners’ and commercial property owners. All types of consumers may opt for shingles as the building material of their roofing system, but so far this year, we’ve seen a shift towards more rapidly evolving preferences for certain colors, shades and custom styles. 

Read on to learn more about the 2021 trends playing a role in rapidly expanding selections of roofing colors and designs, and see what this year’s supply of shingles may have in store to satisfy your next home improvement or property enhancement project.

Overview of the most popular shingle roof colors anticipated in 2021:

  • Nature-Inspired Color of the Year: Aged Copper
  • A World Of Greens: forest green, hunter green, rustic evergreen
  • Pastels & Pale Blues: Atlantic blue, sky blue, denim
  • Light to White Neutrals: Beige, off-white, stone, khaki, tan

Owens Corning® 2021 Shingle Color of the Year

Meet The Shingle Inspired By Nature: Aged Copper

For the past five years, including 2021, Owens Corning has announced one winning product from its shingle roofing collections, chosen to receive the annual title of “Shingle Color of the Year”. This year, they’ve chosen Aged Copper, a shingle product whose design they appropriately describe as “nature-inspired,” given that its color is characterized by undertones of orange, sage green, and earthy brown lowlights. 

You can’t always find a shingle product that provides both aesthetic appeal and long-term durability, but this Owens Corning roofing color is one of the rare few that does in fact satisfy both sides of the great roof debate. As cost-effective as it is eye-catching, Aged Copper embodies everything we love about keeping a yearly track record of the trends in roof colors and roofing design. This 2021 shingle color reminds and shows us that even in a construction-heavy industry staffed with contractors, those who design, manufacture, and work with roofing products on the daily don’t necessarily need to choose between pragmatic value and a visually appealing product appearance. 

The gorgeous metallic color of Aged Copper, along with the unparalleled performance that only an Owens Corning roofing product can provide, can be seen with additional brochures and information on the company’s official website. You can also contact an Express Roofing representative to ask about our current inventory of shingles in your Maricopa County service area, and we’ll happily get back to you with more information — free of charges or invoices.

A Growing World Of Greens

Shingle colors we’re loving: Forest green, hunter green, rustic evergreen 

Keeping in line with the “nature-inspired” trend established by Owens Corning, 2021 is also presumed to be a year of various shingles in verdant shades. If green is one of your favorite colors, and you’ve been meaning to update or restore your shingle roofing system, this year may be one of the best times to do so. With a wide array of exterior-enhancing options to choose from, there’s more than a few roof colors out there that are likely to make your neighbors, well, green with envy.


Pastels & Pale Blues

Shingle colors we’re loving: Robin’s egg blue, classic denim blue, Pacific blue


Even though Classic Blue was announced back in 2020 as the “Pantone Color of the Year,” we’re still seeing the ripple effects of this selection in 2021, especially in the roofing industry. This year is projected to offer an expansive spectrum of shingle roof colors in shades of blue and cool-toned variants, from navy to aquamarine and everywhere in between. 

Not only is the shingle selection as vast as the Pacific Ocean itself, but because blue roof colors can come in so many different hues, they’re an excellent choice for the majority of homes and businesses. Whether a residential or commercial building has white trim, brown bricks, or even red-toned terracotta accents on its facade, there’s likely to be at least one or more iterations of blue that, when incorporated as a shingle roofing system, will perfectly complement and enhance the existing structure’s elements and features.


Neutrals: Light To White

Shingle colors we’re loving: Beige stone, tan khaki, and off-white eggshell


For the minimalist, the traditionalist, the purist, and many more demographics of design preference, the neutral shades of shingles trending in 2021 are sure to be an instant classic that never really goes out of style. The neutrals to keep an eye on if you’re looking into shingle options include those in the lighter or whiter categories of roofing product colors. 

Whether primed and painted, made from clay, or built with bricks, residential and commercial property owners are likely to find a varied assortment of viable candidates for their neutral-colored shingle roofing needs. Homes, businesses, or properties with a darker exterior, such as blue, black, brown, or gray, are also likely to appreciate the contrast that can be afforded by adding a shingle roof in a beige, tan, or eggshell hue.


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