What Are the Benefits of Tile Roofing?

Are Homes With Tile Roofs Fireproof?
There is no roofing material that can be applied that will render a home or building completely fireproof. Even steel and metal framed buildings and homes provide enough fuel for devastating fires. We can help with our roofing services.

Because these structures are often finished in sheet rock and various wood materials combined with furniture and other features in homes, there is a lot of fuel available for fires in homes. Additionally, the underlying wood structure of homes is fuel for fires, as well as, other obvious features of home with wooden substructures.

However, certain roofing materials are inherently fire resistant. These are metal and stone tile roofing systems. The fire or sun baked construction of Spanish style tiles are resistant to fires naturally.

This is the same for stone tiles that are produced from slate. Stone tiles are in many ways superior to other roofing products. Petroleum based roofing systems have a very short span of effectiveness.

The ravages of the sun makes re-roofing a periodic situation that is very costly in material and in installation. These roofing systems also do not fare well in more violent weather also. However, they are widely available in many styles and some petroleum based roofing tiles are made to resemble slate stone tile, but because they are petroleum based, they are flammable.

What Are the Benefits of Having Tile Roofing?

It takes a specialized roofing company to install stone roofing tiles. This is true for Spanish style and stone slate tiles. The ability of the existing roofing structure to withstand the weight load of stone tile is the first consideration that has to be addressed.

When installing stone roofing systems in new construction, the proper preparations can be made. In existing structures, the buildings will have to be made to withstand the added loads of stone tile roofing systems.

This adds to the cost of installation and materials. However, what the homeowner receives instead is a low maintenance roofing system that is virtually indestructible.

Additionally, for the purpose of the building trades, the tiles are also permanent. In fact, stone tile systems have life ratings of over 50 years, and many beyond the 75 year point. If taken care of properly, can last indefinitely.

The expense of initial costs and any retrofitting is easily alleviated by never having to replace the system, even after some very violent weather.

Mesa RooferAdditionally, there is no danger of the roofing structure being flammable. It does not make a home fireproof, but it would deprive a fire of the massive fuel that would be available with wooden roofing substructures and petroleum roofing.

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