What to Do When Your Ahwatukee Roof Has a Hole in It

What to Do When Your Ahwatukee Roof Has a Hole in It?

You come home after a busy day at the office. It has been raining all day. When you walk in your front door you see that your planned evening of relaxation is being rescheduled because there is a puddle of water on the floor.

You look up to see that apparently your roof has been leaking. What is your next step?

Safety First

Where ever you see the water it may be a good idea to shut off the electrical breaker for that room. There may be electrical lines getting wet in the ceiling or walls.

In most newer homes the breaker should shut off automatically if a short occurs but better to be safe than sorry.

Dry It Up

Get some towels, a mop, and a fan. The water needs to be dried up as well as possible to prevent further damage to carpet, floors, furniture, and other belongings. Mop up any excess water on hard floors.

Dry off furniture. Then turn on some fans on the area. If is is warmer months it may be a good idea to run the air conditioning as this will help remove excess moisture.

If you own or can borrow a dehumidifier then this would be a good time to plug that in as well. If you can easily lift a corner of the carpet or rug then dry underneath it as good as you can. Press some towels into the carpet padding to help squeeze out any liquid.

Inspect The Roof

If you have an attic in your Ahwatukee home you will want to go up there and try to find where the water is getting in. The place in the ceiling where the water came through the living room may not be directly below where the water came into the roof. Water will flow the path of least resistance. It may have come into the roof on one area but flowed through the attic to another area. If you aren’t able to climb on your roof yourself, it is always a good idea to contact your Ahwatukee roofing contractor for help.
Find the leak and then look up to higher point. This is most likely where the water came in. Place a tarp on top of the roof flat against the leak area that is at least 2 feet out from the leak on all sides. Secure it with some small 1×1 boards nailed over top.

Mesa Roof-HoleRepair, Patch, Shingle

Once the rain has subsided for a few days it is time to patch your Ahwatukee roof. Remove the tarp and make the appropriate patch. Be sure and check the wood structure under the shingles for rot or damage and replace as necessary.

Don’t forget to put a little extra roofing tar into the nail holes you made when applying the tarp boards. Over the next few rains check the interior area where the leak was to be sure that there is a good seal. Now go enjoy that relaxing evening you have been waiting for!

If you have a leak in your Mesa roof,you need Express Roofing LLC. You can contact us at (480) 226-4245. This is an emergency matter in your home.