In today’s DIY-crazed world, more and more homeowners are beginning to take on home improvement projects themselves. From flipping the kitchen to re-holstering used living room furniture, there are plenty of DIY home improvement projects out there. But let’s be honest, without the proper training, experience, and materials, your DIY roofing project is more than likely to take a turn for the worse. 

Reasons To Avoid DIY Roofing

Trying DIY roof repairs, replacement, or other jobs carries a lot of risks and drawbacks, which is why it is always better to hire a professional roofing contractor. Let’s take a look at some reasons why it is better to call in a professional roofing company rather than take the do-it-yourself route. 

You Could Injure Yourself

If you are someone who is freaked out by heights or are uncomfortable walking on a sloped surface, then getting up on your roof to work on it is something that definitely is not for you. Professional roofing contractors know how to walk safely on a rooftop since they proper knowledge and skills. Without them, navigating your roof puts you at risk of falling off the roof which can lead to serious injury or even death. Plus, you need to be comfortable working off of a ladder, alert to avoid power lines, and able to use nail guns and other potentially dangerous tools safely. 

You Could Cause More Damage

Unfortunately, it’s far too easy to do more harm than good to your roof if you do not have sufficient roofing experience. For example, did you know that walking on a hot roof can cause damage to shingles? Most homeowners don’t. Or, what happens when you pull a nail in the wrong spot and create a roof leak? Trying to handle a roofing issue yourself without a full understanding of how the full roofing system works may actually end up making the roof damage worse.

You May Void Any Warranties

Many manufacturer warranties require that professional companies handle any maintenance and repairs needed. If you are to cause damage to your roof when attempting a repair or fail to do the repair in the proper fashion, it is possible that the manufacturer’s warranty on your roofing could be voided as a result—something you don’t want to risk. Professional roofers know exactly how to protect roofing warranties because they have to deal with them every day.

Problems Can Be Hard To Find / Fix 

Problems, such as roof leaks, may be easy enough to spot where a leak is dripping or pouring through the ceiling into your home’s interior, but locating its exact location on the roof is completely different challenges. Experienced roofers know how to decipher the signs that point to where the roof leak is likely located. Additionally, they will know which areas of the roof are more prone to leaks, what causes them, and the best ways to stop them. Nothing is more frustrating than thinking you fixed something only to find water leaking through your ceiling the next time it rains.

Rather than attempt DIY roofing and risk further complications, keep your feet on the ground and let Express Roofing provide you with fast service, premium quality roofing materials and expert workmanship — all at an affordable price. To learn more, contact us!