Even though we have a hard time believing that 2018 is almost at its end, it will just mark another year of providing homeowners with quality roofing services in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa and the surrounding cities in Arizona.

In just a few days, 2019 will be here and many people will be aspiring for new resolutions and projects. But can home improvement projects be labeled as a New Year’s resolution? At Express Roofing, we say yes! The upcoming year is a great time to tackle all those projects you have been wanting to check off, such as replacing your worn or damaged roof.

Get Tile Roof Installation This New Year

A tile roof replacement is a major investment, it will likely be one of the largest investments you make this year. Therefore, it is important to choose a tile roofing material that will meet your needs for the next two decades or so. While tile roofing may cost more than other roofing types, there are numerous reasons to consider a tile roof replacement for your home in 2019. As a roofing company that specializes in concrete tile roofing, we consistently see the benefits homeowners gain from professional tile roof installation. If one of your resolutions this year involves getting a new roof for your home, here are a few reasons to consider tile roofing.

Durable and Long Lasting

Quality concrete tiles, like the ones installed by Express Roofing, should last an average of 30 to 50 years. Tile roofing is extremely durable, and can withstand just about anything! Tile roofing can stand up to extreme winds, hail, and fallen tree branches. Plus, tiles provide a natural water shedding and ventilation feature and, due to their composition, they cannot curl, rot, burn or rust.


We all want our homes to look great, and there are few roofing materials that look better than tile roofing. Concrete roofing tiles are generally made from a blend of cement, graded sands, pigments, and formed into numerous tile colors, patterns, and designs. Not to mention, these tiles can be manufactured to suit any architectural style, from authentic Spanish – Mediterranean to New England Colonial, historic, or contemporary roofing style.

Environmentally Friendly

Because roofing tile is made from natural and sustainable materials, it is the most eco-friendly roofing materials. Additionally, it can be recycled at the end of its useful life so it doesn’t end up in a landfill like some other products.

Increased Home Value

According to Remodeling Magazine, homeowners who have a new roof installed can expect to recover an average of over 60 percent of the installation cost through increased home value. In addition, choosing quality tile roofing materials, like those from  Express Roofing, can further increase that value and offer additional benefits that will make your home improvement project much more worthwhile.

Indoor Comfort

Concrete tile roofing allows for a better, more natural air circulation than other roofing materials above and below them, and form a heat transfer barrier. This is helpful in maintaining the temperature inside your home at a comfortable level.

Low Maintenance

Perhaps one of the advantages of tile roofing is, when properly installed, they require minimal maintenance for the life of the roof. Maintenance is usually limited to limited to gutters, venting, and protrusion flashing. If a section of your roof system requires modification or is damaged, only the affected tiles will need replacement or removal.

If you are interested in new roof replacement this upcoming New Year, tile roofing installation from a professional tile roofing contractor is the way to go. Not only will it last for years to come, but it is aesthetically appealing, eco-friendly, requires little maintenance, and can increase the value of your home.

Need A Tile Roofing Company in Arizona? Contact Express Roofing

Of course, we look forward to another year of providing those in our community with professional, reliable, and affordable roofing services. If you have the resolution to get a new roof installed this upcoming year, let the tile roofing contractors at Express Roofing help you achieve your goal! We always recommend using quality roofing materials, which is why we install concrete roofing tiles from Eagle Roofing and Boral Roofing.

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