Top Tips on How to Keep Your Sun City Attic Dust and Pollen Free this Spring

Mesa RooferYour attic is an easy place for dust and pollen to hide in the spring and summer. You must use the suggestions in this article to help your home remain as clean as possible. Your attic might be hidden, but it is still a part of your home.

#1: Cleaning, Insulation And Storage

Your attic is a wonderful storage space, and you can hide things in there all year. You can store items, but they are going to collect dust during the year.

No one is suggesting that you dust your attic every week, but you need to dust your attic now and again to keep it as tidy as possible.

You can move your insulation around to ensure proper distribution, and you can pack it down to prevent it from flying around the room.

#2: Enclosures, Stairs, And the Roof

The roof of your Sun City home must be completely enclosed, and your vent must be closed properly. The roof can leak throughout the year, and pollen will come in through the cracks.

The dust and pollen in the attic will build up quickly, and it will continue to build up until you have closed these gaps. The stairs that go into the attic must close properly, as well. The pollen and dust will come into the house through a crack in the stairs.

#3: Your Furnace, Air Conditioner And Pipes

Mesa Attic Maintenance The furnace and air conditioner take up a good bit of space in the attic, and they will collect dust. The filters in the air conditioner
and furnace hold dust and pollen, and they must be changed often.

The dust and pollen will come out of the filters, and the attic will slowly collect the dust and pollen. The pipes in the attic are so close to the furnace and air conditioner that they hold onto the dust and pollen. All of these items need to be cleaned every few weeks to ensure the attic is clean.

Cleaning your attic is serious business if you want the air in your house to be clean. You can commission a clean air survey in the house, or you can clean it yourself to get ready for the summer.

With Spring being among us, it is time to get your Mesa home ready for the season. The Sun City Roofers with Express Roofing LLC can help. Contact us today at (480) 226-4245, and find out ways to keep your attic dust free. If you have an questions or concerns regarding your Sun City roof, Express Roofing LLC is here to help you. Contact us today and our experienced Sun City contractors will be happy to provide you with all the information and answers you will need. Our other services include flat roofing, foam roofing, shingle roofing, tile roofing for restoration and any repairs on residential and commercial roofing.