Gilbert Roof Upgrades that Are Actually Worth it!

You probably didn’t wake up today thinking about updating your roof right now. However, if you are in the process of having your roof replaced, reroofed or repaired, adding some roof upgrades in the process, could be one of the smartest decisions you will have made all year. These upgrades are not going to be as flashy and perceptible as a new faucet or bathtub inside your home, but you will come to love the improved look, livability factor and expenses you will save over time.

Here is a short list of roof upgrades to consider having added while you have roofers on your roof already:

New Gutters:

While your roof is being reroofed, retire your old, bend and misaligned gutters as well. There is no reason to frame your brand new roof with gutters they look like they have taken a serious beating. Additionally, new gutters are low maintenance by having curved hoods that guide the water in the gutter but keep dirt and debris out of them. Many gutters even come with their own maintenance and protection plan, making sure that they look and perform great for longer.

You probably won’t regret not having to climb that wobbly ladder anymore to clean out your clogged up Gilbert gutters during monsoon season.
If you think gutters are boring, think again. Gutters come in so many different shapes and colors, you will sure to be find the gutter that satisfies your style needs.

Gutter Protection:

Maybe you just had your gutters replaced last year and don’t want to do it again. No problem. Gutter guards or protection systems come in a variety of shapes, colors and materials. No matter if you choose to go with a curved hooded system or a perforated gutter guard, the days of climbing up your ladder and clean out the gutter funk are over for good. As your local Gilbert roofer which gutter protection system is best suited for your roof and gutter system.

Chimney Caps:

Airtight chimney caps make another great upgrade for your roof. While your regular type chimney caps keep out rain and birds, airtight chimney caps make sure that no air escapes when the chimney is not in use, saving you a bundle in energy savings over time. When you are ready to use your chimney, just pull on the string that connects to a spring on the cap and it pops open. You won’t even have to climb your roof. Plus, it will keep birds and other critters from nesting in your chimney while not in use.

Roof Ventilation:

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While your roof already has a ventilation system, there is almost always room for improvement. In Arizona, where summers seem to last virtually forever, the importance of having a well-ventilated attic cannot be overstated. We all have seen hot air balloons that rise through the use of -exactly-hot air. So much like that, the hot air in your home rises into your attic making it unnecessary hot and increasing your cooling bill to boot. Have your roofing contractor install ridge vents while working on your roof. These vents allow for air to move under the ridge cap shingles while soffit vents can help draw cooler air in, creating a create cycle of airflow, leaving you with a cooler attic and home and lower air conditioning bills.


Have you always wanted a skylight, but never wanting to deal with the hassle? Well, since your local roofers are working on your roof anyhow, this is the perfect time to add the skylights you have always wanted. Don’t shy away from them, because skylights from a decade or so ago were still flawed, leaky and started to yellow over time. Today’s skylight bring more natural light into your home, are energy efficient, prevent your carpets and furniture from fading and make small rooms appear larger.

Ask your roofing expert about which skylight is right for your roof. And never try to install a skylight on your own, it is not only dangerous, but probably won’t be as easy and perfect as you hoped.

Energy-Efficient Shingles:

Maybe you have a Gilbert tile roof and if so, you are set. If you are in the process of reroofing your shingle roof, ask you roofer to use energy efficient shingles. These type of Gilbert shingles reflect the sunlight and can keep your roof and home significantly cooler with energy savings of up to 15 %. And don’t worry about looks. While energy efficient shingles used to be not as attractive in the past, today you can choose from so many different color and style options that your roof will look great and be energy efficient as well.

Gilbert roof tile contractorTiles:

If you had a shingle roof in the past, consider upgrading to tile (if your roofing structure allows for it, if not have your roofer make the necessary alterations for your roof to support the added weight). While shingles are still in high demand and come in many shapes and patterns and with great warranties, if you are thinking about selling your home in the near or far future, reroof your home with tile rather than shingles to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Additionally, tiles last a long time, are fire resistant and insulate well, saving you money in your cooling bill as well.

Better Underlayment:

Ideally you already have great underlayment, but if you are in the process of reroofing your tile roof, make sure that your roofing contractor is using top quality underlayment to ensure that your roof, attic and home is sufficiently protected from the elements. The underlayment is what truly makes your roof waterproof and should be of top quality.

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