How your Phoenix Roofing Contractor can Assist You with Insurance Claims!Dealing with an insurance company is rarely fun. But what to do if your roof has been damaged in the latest hail or monsoon storm or during a haboob? This is a case in which you probably “want” to deal with your insurance company—well, sort of.
Experienced and full service Phoenix roofing companies are able to assist you in dealing with your insurance company and your insurance claims.If your Phoenix roof was damaged by weather, the good news is that your insurance company won’t hold it against you. This means that other than the deductible, you don’t have to pay a dime and it will not increase your future payments either. It is essential to work with a trusted and reputable roofing contractor to ensure that you won’t get stuck with a bad roof or any out of pocket costs.Here is how we can help you with your insurance claim:

The Process:

  • When your insurance adjuster comes to check on the damage of your roof, he (or she) will write up a summary report that details the extent of the damage, other findings, and necessary repairs that are to be completed to restore the roof to its former healthy self. Our experienced roofing contractors will also make sure that everything is detailed properly and no measurements or calculations are off.
  • Your local Phoenix roofing company will then write up a contract that details the work we are planning on doing along with any materials or supplemental information that may be missing from the adjuster’s report. Once you reviewed and signed the contract we will mail, email or fax it to your insurance company for review and approval.
  • Sometimes -if the house is not paid off and there is a mortgage on the home- the mortgage company’s name may be named on the check as beneficiary along with you. We can assist you in sorting out this paper trail as well and advise you which documents are needed, need to be notarized and so forth to ensure that we can start with our work as soon as possible.

Detecting Storm Damage:

After a haboob swept through your neighborhood, how do you know that your roof is damaged from the storm?

If your roof is leaking, there obviously is damage, but sometimes the damage is not as obvious as that. It is always best to contact your experienced roofing professional in Phoenix to inspect your roof after a severe storm of any kind to ensure that any hidden damage is uncovered and fixed as soon as possible to prevent issues from becoming more severe and also more expensive down the road.

Insurance Problems:

Insurance claims sometimes have hiccups and the insurance company may not be as cooperative as you think it should be.

Sometimes your insurance company may withhold some of the money because they want to make sure that things are done right. Until a few years ago it was totally legit to use the money the insurance company paid out for the repair of your roof for something else. This is not allowed anymore and thus insurance providers may hold back some of the funds to ensure that the money goes where it should. It also gives them the assurance that your deductible is going to be paid and you won’t go looking for a contractor who does it for an “adjusted” amount. Instead the insurance will base the final payout on the cost of the process while also ensuring that your deductible gets paid.

While a less than honest roofing company may collude with you to fix the contract so that you don’t have to pay the insurance deductible you should know that

  • no reputable roofing company would ever do this
  • and it is illegal, it’s called insurance fraud.

Just like everything else in life, don’t compare insurance quotes with your neighbor or friends. No roofs ever suffer the exact same amount of damage, are the same age and made of the same roofing material, thus the insurance claim will never be the same, ever. So don’t fret over your friend having gotten more money from his insurance provider than you did.

Sometimes your Phoenix roof repair experts estimate the amount of repair costs to be higher than what the insurance adjuster came up with. This can happen easily if the adjuster missed something. Your roofer will then document the “supplemental” work required and submit it to the insurance company for approval. Usually we get everything approved, because we know how to work with your insurance company and have a great reputation.
Let Your Phoenix Roofer help with insurance claims
Another thing to consider is that when homeowners are planning on replacing their roof because it is old, they would like to upgrade etc they will get several estimates to make sure they get the most bang for their buck. If you insurance company is paying for this, this isn’t really as important. As long as the roofer’s estimate is about the same of what the insurance adjuster came up with or if they can provide solid documentation, you have nothing to worry about.

And you can’t just use any roofing contractor. Any insurance company requires that your roofing contractor of choice is licensed in the state the work is to be completed. Your roofer will also receive a form 1099 for tax reporting purposes from the insurance company.

Arizona Native Roofing has a stellar reputation with insurance companies and adjusters alike. We are licensed, bonded, insured and have great ratings with the BBB and ROC. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get things sorted out with your insurance company and ask us about our comprehensive roofing services.

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