Find a Shingle Style That Meets Your Needs 

Whether you are replacing your roof or building a new house, there is a specific roofing style, type, and color that will best match the aesthetics of the home. Selecting the right type of roofing material, house shingles color, and other factors about your roof is an important decision that will influence the appearance of your home, maintenance costs, and the overall value of your property. Here are some strategies provided by Express Roofing you can use to ensure the color and material of your roof are tailored to your home’s aesthetics.

Various shingle colors on the roof of a home.

Get a Sample

Before, it was essential to walk into your local hardware store, peruse the handful of shingle options in-store and try to select the best color or material according to the choices presented to you. Now, there are more types of shingles than ever before! In addition to various colors, there are also a wide range of materials used to construct your roof. Before you choose, you should get a small piece to test. Hold the sample up to your home’s exterior and determine whether it aligns with the finishes. The sample should be compared in suitable lighting for the best results.

New roof on a home.

Draw Inspiration From Your Surroundings

If you live in the middle of the woods, your home is possibly surrounded by tall trees consisting of various tones of brown, red, and yellow. For those who live in busy neighborhoods, you might be surrounded by light gray asphalt or tall buildings. Rural dwellers could have rolling fields and long stretches of blue sky surrounding their homes. When selecting your shingles, consider incorporating the scenery into the shingles style. This will make your home feel like an extension of your surroundings.

Exterior of a yellow house.

Factor in Your Home’s Color

When selecting which shingles to install, it is also critical to ensure the material or style you pick looks good compared to the colors on the exterior, including the material of your siding, the color of your bricks, and the design of your shutters. When considered together, the factors will affect the house’s aesthetics, meaning you should assess the combinations. Brainstorm particular colors and combinations and choose a style that will bring out great contrast.

Roofing contractor putting new shingles on a roof.

Look for Color Blends

If you wish to mix different colors, most manufacturers provide asphalt shingles in both solid and blended styles. The lines will have the ‘blend’ label in their name, although not in every case. Any sample you choose should have the details on the various colors used. You should also see the colors when you look at the sample presented. In most cases, the blends will have two or three slightly different tones. Choosing color blended shingles will make your home stand out from the others on your block.

Rely on Express Roofing for Help Selecting Shingles

Whether you are replacing your current roof or installing a new one, you’ll want to choose a shingle type that aligns best with the desired aesthetic of your home. The choices you make will be on full display to the entire neighborhood to notice. With so many design choices for your shingles, you should consider specific factors before making your final choice. Reach out to Express Roofing for assistance in selecting shingles for your home!