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Since your roof is one of the most important parts of your home’s structure, keeping it in good condition should be a priority for every homeowner. In this blog, we share five foolproof ways to keep your roof in tip-top shape all summer long.

The summers in Arizona are nothing short of sweltering, but a sunburn isn’t the only hazard of the desert sun — your roof is at risk of seasonal damage if it’s not primed to take on the high temperatures of the Grand Canyon State. When you work with the trusted team of roofing professionals at Express Roofing, you can rest assured that your property will be ready to take on dust storms, monsoons, and more. For more information on roof maintenance, tile and shingle installation, and the various roofing services we offer in Maricopa County, please contact us today!

Keep the Roof and Gutters Clean

The first way to keep your roof in good shape is to keep it clutter-free. Although Maricopa County rarely gets snow, the winters here aren’t exactly devoid of debris. Pileup of dust, dried leaves, sticks, and even withered succulents are capable of infiltrating and filling your roof gutters and drain pipes, so it’s critical to get these  structures clean and clear before the first storms of monsoon season arrive. 

A clogged gutter can cause water to build up under your roof, which may cause extensive damage to rafters, plaster, and plywood underlayment. The last thing you want on a 115-degree day is a hole in the ceiling that lets out precious AC! 

The second thing to remember is that keeping gutters and drainpipes clean and free of clutter is just as important as a clean roof. During the cooler months of the year, moisture builds up on your roof, which may cause terracotta tiles to grow algae or shingles to lose some of their structural integrity. Even flat and metal roofs are at risk, as moisture and the abrasion from windswept debris cause corrosion and weakened weight-bearing capacity. To prevent these issues from occurring, be sure to have your roof inspected for cleanliness and functionality at least once every year by a local roofing contractor.

Whether your home is located in Gilbert or elsewhere in Maricopa County, any organic matter that accumulates in and on your roof ought to be removed on a regular basis. You can contact Express Roofing today for a free estimate on a comprehensive roof cleaning!

Check For Leaks and Other Defects

The third way to keep a roof in good condition is to check for leaks. Failure to do so puts you and your family at risk of the roof caving in or collapsing, and the moisture buildup creates a perfect yet problematic breeding ground for mold, algae, and other icky spores.  

To assess whether your roof has a leak, there are certain indicators to be aware of. For example, dark and damp spots along a ceiling, in a corner, or near a fireplace foundation are all indications there may be a leak somewhere in the roof. If you see either of these things in your home it’s important to call a Gilbert roofing professional to check and correct the problem as soon as possible.

The fourth way to protect your roof this summer is a thorough damage inspection. Look for any signs of breakage, cracks, or missing pieces in your roof. If your roof is covered with modified bitumen or asphalt shingles, be aware of curling and cracks. Tile roofs may exhibit numerous chips and breaks, or they may be missing entire units that need to be replaced. Metal roofs and flat roofs are at high risk of corrosion, dents from hail damage, and compromised structural integrity. And don’t forget to take a peek at the pipes too! Periods of rapid temperature change can cause gutters and drain pipes to expand or contract, often resulting in cracks and breaks.

No matter the material of your roof, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional crew or a certified roofing contractor to periodically check it out. For any issues with shingles, tiles, gutters, or other problem areas, a team from our Gilbert roofing company should be able to more quickly spot areas that need repair or replacement.

Prune Trees Around The Roof Area

The fifth and final way to keep your roof in superb shape this summer involves a bit of landscape management. If you have any trees on your property, you need to trim and prune these plants on a regular basis. Not only do they lead to foliage buildup in gutters and pipes, but a fallen branch could easily land on your roof, necessitating an expensive repair or replacement. Thunderstorms and hail are especially common in the latter half of Arizona summers, so even a healthy tree is prone to broken branches and subsequent roof damage.

Have Your Roof Inspected Today To Enjoy The Summer All Season Long

Keeping your roof in summer-ready condition means keeping up with regular maintenance and checking for any defects on a periodic basis. Construction experts and architects normally advise that you have your roof inspected at least once a year by a professional roofing contractor to make sure any problems can be spotted early and corrected before they become more serious. Express Roofing is available to do so today in Gilbert and surrounding areas, so call now for a free quote!

Get more tips on how to keep your roof in top shape from Express Roofing LLC, the best roofing experts in Maricopa County! Contact us today at (480) 226-4245! Our professional team of Gilbert roofers is looking forward to helping you and getting your roof to the best. With Express, there’s no need to stress. If you have any roof troubles this summer, we know exactly what to do, and we promise to get your roof service done with expertise and efficiency.