Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Roof in Good Condition


A Tempe roofing contractor will look into preventing or resolving the following steps.

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Tempe Roof in Good ConditionRemove Debris from Your Roof:

Debris build-up on your roof can potentially damage the roof. This can help reduce or prevent water build-up. Pine needles and tree limbs can cause your roof to improperly shed water.

That can lead to ceiling leaks. Debris also adds weight to a roof. It can begin to sag from the heaviness of the debris. Pine needles and other natural debris may not seem heavy, but being wet can cause debris to be very dense. Pine needles and bird excrement can also cause your roof to prematurely age.

Trim Trees Near Your Roof:

Fallen tree branches can wreck havoc on a roof. Some heavy ones can land on a roof, perhaps during a storm and puncture your roof. Some roofers are also experienced in tree trimming. Look into roofers in your local area with this dual experience.

Rid Your Roof of Algae and Fungus:

Algae and fungus can grow on any type of roof. Roofers are skilled in removing this damaging bacteria. There are several steps roofers take to rid your roof of both algae and fungus.

Be Sure to Remove Snow and Ice from Your Roof:

Snow and ice can build up on your roof. Both snow and ice can cause undue stress to your roof and possible subsequent damage.

Pay Attention to Lifted Shingles:

Tempe Roofing ServicesAfter a windstorm, you may notice that your shingles have lifted on your roof. Subsequent storms could cause shingles to blow off. Having loose singles adhered can prevent further damage. Your experienced shingle roofing contractor can help you with this.

Be Sure to Clean Gutters:

Clogged gutters can cause them to become so heavy that they fall down. Also, standing water in gutters can be a place for mosquitos to converge and breed. Additionally, the water can push back under the roof and cause deterioration and rotting of the entire roofing structure.

Check flat roofs for blistering and possible seam failure:

Broken seams can cause a roof to leak. Holes and cracks can have the same effect. Contact your roofer to aid you in preventing possible problems or correcting these problems.

Tempe Roofing-MaintenanceRemove Any Water Build-Up:

Water buildup on your roof can lead to excess moisture. Fixing this before it leads to moisture or leaks is optimal.

Check Skylights:

While skylights are an awesome way to get more light into your Tempe home, they may be vulnerable parts of your roof, if ver time, seals around skylights wear out. The newer types hold up to the elements better than the skylights your roofer installed a few decades ago, but neverthesless, it is always a great idea to have your Tempe roof and skylights inspected on a regular basis to determine if they are the (potential) cause of any roof damage. If you detect trouble, make sure to reseal them properly.

Roof Flashings Inspections:

The flashings around your chimney or roof vents can leak. This is a very common roofing dilemma. A Tempe roofer can remedy this situation for you.

By attending to roof maintenance, you are helping to ensure that your roof will stay in good condition longer. General roof upkeep can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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