Kinds of Flat Roof Malfunctions

Flat Roof The flat roof is a roofing system commonly found in a variety of residential and commercial locations, which although common can be the cause of a large number of problems that can be avoided or repaired by a professional roofing company. One of the major issues people face when they install and have to maintain a flat roof is the fact the roofing system can appear in good order, but can have problems hidden beneath debris and installed flashing.

The best way of making sure a flat roof is in good working order is to employ a qualified roofing company to carry out an inspection. The best time for an inspection to take pace is either in the Spring or Fall between the periods of extreme cold or heat that can often be found in many parts of the country. Fall is a popular time for an inspection as rain and poor weather can have a devastating effect on a flat roof that can cause damage to the structure of the roof and health problems for residents.


Unlike a sloped roof that allows rain, snow and ice to slide off the surface of the roof a flat roof system will not allow such run off to take place. A professional roofing company will quickly look over a roof and remove any snow or ice buildup that can happen when guttering and drains become blocked. This can result in a buildup of weight at the surface of the roof that can cause damage and allow water to slip into the attic or space between the walls. The best way to handle an area of a roof suffering from pooling water is to reinforce the ceiling and roof systems before repairing any flashing and shingles installed on the flat roof.

A flat roof can create many issues that include problems with installed sheathing that can cause damage in the form of cracks and holes. Alongside weathering, the major issues with sheathing are caused by materials failing, which can be quickly and easily repaired by an experienced roofing company.

Mesa RooferMaking sure a flat roof is inspected regularly by a qualified roofing company is the best way of making sure each and every problem is quickly discovered and repaired. In general, the use of regular maintenance can reduce overall costs by allowing simple repairs to be made instead of an expensive complete flat roof replacement.

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