If My Roof Has a Leak, Does it Have to Be Replaced? A fully functional roof is vital if a house or any other building is to remain in good shape. It can make sure that the structure is protected against snow and other forms of extreme weather.

If a house or business is not protected, this can cause serious problems.

Leaks allow moisture inside. And that is always bad. It can cause mold, dangerous cracks in the foundation, damage to walls, and ruined floors, cabinets and furniture.

If enough moisture gets inside, the entire home may become dangerously unstable and may even need to be demolished and rebuilt.

Repair or Replace

A homeowner who has a leak faces two choices. Find the leak and then repair that specific area of the roof, or replace the entire roof.

The right choice will depend on multiple factors including the materials used, the age of the home and the difficulty of replacing the roof. Each particular possibility should be investigated carefully before making a decision about the best course of action.

The Benefits of Repairing

Repairing an old roof can have many benefits. The owner can save money by just fixing a single area. This can be an ideal option for the DIY homeowner who knows how to make basic home repairs.

If the owner does not have such knowledge, they can still save money by hiring a roofing professional who can quickly fix the problem. Patching can also allow the homeowner to avoid the need for temporary housing while construction is underway.

The Benefits of Replacement

A homeowner may decide to replace a roof entirely rather than just repairing it. This can make a great deal of sense if it is in very bad condition and needs a lot of expensive work done.  A homeowner who has asphalt shingles in can easily put a new roof over the old one, often for very little cost.

Many homes can support a double layer of shingles that will typically last at least another twenty years before needing replacement.

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