Express Roofing LLC believes in maintaining a strong commitment to the longevity of your home, which is why we recommend every homeowner invest in regular maintenance. Damage can swiftly ,spiral out of control and lead to additional problems in your home, including water damage, rotten walls, foundation crumbling, and much worse.

The cost of maintaining your roof is significantly less than replacing it, or repairing the damage caused while it was in disrepair. We’re here to help our customers maintain their roofs correctly on a regular schedule. Maintaining your roof is extremely important, and inspections should be done at least annually or after any severe weather.

What to Look For When Maintaining Your Roof

After a bad winter or summer, or even after a few bad weather systems roll through, an inspection is definitely in order, and repairs may be needed. Asphalt shingles are built to protect your home from harmful damage caused by excessively cold and hot weather, but they are not immune to damage. Eventually, they break down and do not offer as much protection as before. In more pronounced cases, they may crack or suffer other serious damage, which makes your home vulnerable to additional problems.

If you see a crack in a tile, or notice that tiles have are severely weathered, you should immediately call a professional. Repairing or replacing the tiles early will ensure that your home does not suffer additional damage, and you won’t end up with expensive repairs down the road.

Call Professional Roofers

While it may be tempting to try and repair or replace shingles yourself, it is usually much better to let professionals do what they are best at. Working with a qualified contractor will give you peace of mind, while simultaneously making sure your exact needs are met. In addition, you can save yourself a lot of time, effort, and frustration by relying on a professional to do the dirty work for you. This is not a good time to try out your DIY skills.

We care for our customers, and want to make sure we are doing more than just the bare requirements for every job. We want to build a relationship and a trust that you can rely on, which means taking care of your roof to your satisfaction, making sure it will last, leaving your home in as good, or better, than we found it, and providing you with friendly and affordable service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call.

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