How Often Should I Have My Roof Inspected?

The roof is an integral part of any home, business or building of any kind. If yours fails, major problems can be caused to the structure of the building and make the indoor environment dangerous to the health of your entire family. Make sure yours is safe and in good working order with regular inspections, and be sure to hire a professional roofing contractor who has the correct equipment to move around the roof safely, and the skills to do the job thoroughly and correctly.

How Often?

Roof inspections should form an important part of any annual property maintenance schedule. Once a year is just a benchmark. If you’ve had any bad weather, more frequent checks may be required. Many experts claim that twice a year is a good idea in order to make sure any damage or repairs that are needed can be completed safely and before serious damage to your home can occur. And don’t forget to make sure that any storms or periods of extreme weather are followed by an inspection to make sure no damage has been caused by the weather.

What does an inspector look for?

Once a property owner has found a professional to inspect their roof, it is important to know that they are doing a thorough job and not overlooking anything. It is important to make sure the individual conducting the inspection is checking all the flashing used to cover edges and keep and keep your roof watertight are in place and secure. Shingles should always be checked for missing or broken pieces that will allow water to leak into the attic and into the house, causing damage to the interior ceiling and walls. Finally, gutters, ventilation systems, overhangs, eaves, fascia, and downspouts should all be checked. If any damage is found, you may want the sheathing, joists and underlayment to be looked at too.  

When to call a professional?

Even when regular inspections are taking place to check the integrity of a roof, damage and problems can occur at any time. Any time water is seen entering the property at a time of rain or snow is a good time to call out a roofer. A property owner should also look around their property at regular intervals to make sure shingles are not visible around the base of the property.

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