A new roof for your Phoenix home is probably not something you are considering at the moment. You may not need one. But you might.

If you’d had an inspection and gotten an estimate for thousands of dollars in repairs, it might be time. You may also be considering getting a new roof if you are undergoing a full home renovation.

Wear And Tear On Your Roof

Sometimes on older homes, years of taking the brutal forces of mother nature causes wear and tear that can’t be repaired. Some things on the roof should be inspected at regular times especially on older homes just to be sure your home remains safe and secure. The following are things to look for:

  1. Crumbling or bald shingles
  2. Areas a that are sagging down
  3. Loose materials around or in rain gutters, chimneys, or ventilation pipes
  4. Mold or signs of rotting material

Signs Of Roofing Problems From Inside Your Home

There are also signs to look for from inside your home even if you do not notice anything unusual from exterior inspections. In fact, The National Roofing Contractors Association even recommends that homeowners look around the attic at least twice a year to make sure everything is in good shape. The following problems are things you should look for from the inside:

  1.  Water leaks not caused by pipe problems, or any signs water is seeping into your home
  2. Areas in the roof that are showing light from outside or where you feel outside air coming through
  3. Debris piles in your attic that should not be there
  4. Ventilation pipes that are not working properly or that aren’t correctly installed.

Natural Causes Have Affected Your Home

Sometimes when a major storm, earthquake, or weather events occur, a home may be severely damaged. If such damage happens, you may be able to get roof repairs or replacement covered by insurance, but you need to make sure it is well documented and inspected. Here are signs to look for:

  1. Branches, trees, or other heavy debris has fallen on your home as a result of a storm.
  2. Termites or other pests have been found in your home recently, and even if it’s been fumigated, there is a possibility that damage was done to the roof.

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