The 5 Most Dangerous Sun-City Roof DIY Jobs, and Why Not to DIY


The 5 Most Dangerous Sun-City Roof DIY Jobs, and Why Not to DIYOf all the DIY jobs to take on at home, jobs working on the roof can be some of the most dangerous. Even if you consider yourself a handyman, up on the roof you face new risks that could not only further damage the home, but place you in serious harm’s way.

Before you consider tacking that next home repair project, consider these five Sun City DIY dangerous roof repairs and why not to attempt them without professional help.

1. Replacing Shingles

Replacing shingles is more than slapping on new material over the old. First you need to properly remove the damaged pieces, remove the tar mat, and then install all new materials.

The surface can be extremely slick, and working with a nail gun on a slanted wet roof can lead to serious injury.

2. Installing New Gutters

While installing new rain gutters seems simple enough, working high up on a ladder comes with some serious risk. When you are several feet in the air, you need one hand to position the gutter, the other to hold the nails or screws and the hammer or drill. Now you are balancing yourself high up there without hands, and one slip or lose of balance could send you hurling right to the ground.

3. Powerwashing the Roof

Many Sun City homeowners who rent powerwashing equipment decide while they have the equipment, they might as well get up on the roof and clean the shingles.

The problem they fail to realize is the water and cleaning solution are extremely slippery, and if you walk on an area already wet, you will easily slip, fall, and wind up landing several feet down on the ground.

4. Cleaning the Chimney

Sun City Dangerous RoofingDuring the year, many things can become trapped inside the top of the chimney flue. Climbing to the roof and trying to scrub clean the chimney is extremely dangerous.

Many dangerous rodents use that space as a safe haven and will attack if caught by surprise. Losing your balance and getting bit by a raccoon, bat, skunk, or squirrel can be extremely dangerous.

5. Installing Satellite Equipment

In order to get clear television reception, placing a dish on the roof is necessary. Drilling holes in the roof in the wrong location will certainly result in leaks, but working with delicate and heavy equipment on a slanted roof is extremely dangerous.

If you do not come crashing down from a fall, you run the risk of damaging thousands of dollars in fragile satellite equipment if you are not letting a Sun City roofer do the work.

These are the reasons to not DIY on your Sun City roof. Express Roofing LLC has great rates and years of experience in the roofing business. You can contact us at (480) 226-4245 today!