Sun City West Foam Roof Restoration

It is important to your home comfort to have the proper thermal insulation. Roof restoration can insulate you from the outside. The thing today is ‘don’t replace, just reface’. The harsh elements of the world outside like ice, wind, and rain, can be kept at bay with a proper roof restoration. A Sun City West roofing contractor can assist you in determining what needs to be done.

The studies who that ‘water’ is the #1 culprit when it comes to building structure damage. The second major sources of water leaks are flaws in the roof details and dew point.

The Power of Foam Roof Restoration

The Power of Foam Roof Restoration

Here are some reasons why you should consider foam roof restoration.
Sun City West, Arizona

Early Detection:

When found in the early stages, a leak can be a cheap thing to fix. However, as time passes this problem can really become expensive. That is why annual roof inspections in Sun City West are recommended.Low pitch or flat commercial roofs have been historically done with hot tar and metal. However, in today’s modern world we see many new products that are exceeding the performance of the old ones. In many instances these new products are able to continue service on the old roofs, giving superb maintenance and restoration services. The question is this – They replace it when you can reface and save yourself some money?


Roof replacement suffers increased costs through OSHA requirements, material costs, and dump fees. Every homeowner and business owner should be interested in keeping their hard earned money and choose intelligent maintenance over replacement.

The weak points in most roofs are the edges, fasteners, corners, roofing seams, ponding water over 48 hours, and all penetrations found in the roof surface. An ideal roof carries none of these weak points! That makes a roof coating the perfect solution.

Financial Benefits:

A spray foam roof restoration does much more than just give people solidified structures with pristine insulation and low energy consumption. It will generate some remarkable financial benefits. In certain cases owners have seen as much as 70% savings on the cost of roof repair by having them restored rather than replaced.

SPF (Spray Foam) systems use spray foam, which delivers an incredibly versatile and energy efficient material to Sun City West roofs. It carries both waterproofing and leak prevention along with insulating values. Not to mention the low maintenance. The initial costs can appear to be high, but the money saved in the long run makes it significantly less expensive.

Foam roof install and repair in Sun City WestSome of the benefits that an SPF roof restoration brings to the table are:

  • ‘Green’ Roof System
  • LEED Rated System
  • ENERGY STAR qualified
  • Self Flashing
  • High Wind Uplift Resistant with Strong Adhesion
  • Superior Compressive Strength
  • Easily Eliminates Ponding Water
  • Minimizes Thermal Shock
  • Extremely Versatile
  • High Strength & Lightweight
  • Long Lasting Durability
  • Leak-Free Seal Over Entire Roof Deck

and more. With all these benefits it is easy to understand why those who have used this roof restoration system continue to ask – “Why replace when you can reface and save money?”.

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