Here is a common sense question you might hear at one time or another: How do I know if my attic is properly insulated?

Proper insulation is important for energy savings and keeping the elements out.You’ll lose as much as 25 percent of heat from your home without sufficient roofing insulation.

An uninsulated home is truly a waste of energy. When your roof is protected, your home will heat up quicker, and when the heating switches off the heat takes longer to dissipate. It also keeps the second level of your home cooler in the summer since the heat stays outside and doesn’t seep in through the attic.

That said, homeowners should also be aware that ventilation is necessary so the air is in constant movement, keeping moisture levels low which reduces the risk of mold, mildew and rot. Roof insulation also increases energy efficiency in areas where the climate is warmer.

Homeowners Health and Safety

Health is a priority when dealing with our roofing company. It is always suggested that asbestos never be used to insulate roof, floors, ceilings, and walls. Actually, even fiberglass insulation has become suspect for health reasons including the dreaded mesothelioma poisoning. There are other options for insulation including, but not limited to, soy spray foam techniques, as well as, green insulation, and rolls of natural cotton and recycled cotton.

The bottom line is that heating and cooling account for nearly 70 percent of the energy used in your home. We should also point out that non-insulated homes and air leakage via the roof and walls are two of the leading causes of wasted energy in most homes in this country.

However, the amount of energy you conserve will depend home size, construction, and family living habits.

Savings Facts For Homeowners

  • Make you home more comfortable by maintaining a constant and uniform temperature.
  • Save money and energy.
  • Make rooms and floors warm in winter, and cool summertime.
  • Energy conserved is money saved.

If you’re not sure about your insulation or lack thereof, a simple call and free inspection is the quickest way to find out.

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