A picture of a burnt sienna clay tile roof. Photo courtesy of olafpictures from pixabay.com, reused with permission by Express Roofing.

Despite their many noted benefits, many Phoenix homeowners are still under the impression that asphalt or composite shingles are superior to tile roofs. Whether they’re sold on the idea that these other materials are cheaper, easier to install, or simply prefer the aesthetics of their design, it’s hard to argue with the fact that tile roofing just lasts longer. From recurring monsoon seasons to the sporadic hail storm or dust devil, a tile roof is generally considered to be a superior option for both residential homes and commercial properties. When it comes to lifespan and durability, there really is no better choice for roofing in Arizona. 

But how long exactly do tile roofs last in the Grand Canyon State, and how can you be sure you’ve got a quality product protecting your property? We’ll tackle these questions and more in this article from Express Roofing.

When you invest in a tile roof, you want to receive top-rated roofing installation service using quality products that you know will last through even the harshest elements of an Arizona climate. Express Roofing is Maricopa County’s first choice for these ensured services and then some. For more information on our roofing services in Eagle Roofing tile installation, shingle repair, and even foam roof restoration, please contact our team of roofing contractors in Phoenix today!

What Is The Lifespan Of A Tile Roof?

The number of years a property’s roof lasts can be impacted by many factors, from the regularity of its maintenance to the surrounding climate and natural elements. In general, however, when it comes to home and commercial structures in an area like Phoenix, our experienced team at Express Roofing has found that tile roofs tend to last up to 50 years or longer. In particular, we’re referring to concrete tile made by Eagle Roofing.

Why Tile Over An Asphalt Alternative?

Most asphalt roofing systems may be cheaper upfront, but they are prone to rapid wear-and-tear, and so need to be replaced every 15-20 years on average — and sometimes as often as once per decade! For this reason, asphalt and comparable roofing materials are almost always more expensive in the long run than a one-time tile roof installation. 

According to our trusted partners at Eagle Roofing, the only other roofing products with a similar or better degree of longevity are slate and clay tile, which can last longer than an average person’s lifetime! Unfortunately, these alternatives are usually too expensive for the average homeowner to purchase — but that just makes concrete tiles all the more appealing, both in terms of durability and affordability! 

What Makes Tile Roofing Last So Long?

As with any building material, tile roofing’s long lifespan has to do with its manufacturing process and the various ingredients and compounds used during fabrication. While we can’t speak for all tile roof manufacturers, we know that Eagle Roofing uses a specific process to make the products we use and recommend for their near-infallible reliability. 

Eagle Roofing concrete tiles start with raw materials like sand, water, cement, and iron oxide — a mineral compound that strengthens the initial blend of ingredients. The shape we recognize as a tile is made by pressing these raw materials into a steel mold, which are thoroughly inspected between yields to ensure that no debris is incorporated into the mixture and no deformities manifest in the final product. 

Once molded and dried in a kiln for four hours, a water-based sealer is applied to prevent efflorescence (the process by which salt moves out of a mineral compound, thereby weakening structural integrity of the tile) and to enhance the long-term durability of the tiles. After passing rigorous tests for strength, weather-proofing, and other quality-assurance standards, the tiles are sent off for distribution and, eventually, for installation by our roofers on homes like yours!

Do All Roofing Companies In Arizona Install Tile?

Despite common misconception, not all roofing companies are the same in terms of the services and materials they offer. Furthermore, even if two roofers in Phoenix both offer tile installation, there’s no guarantee that they’ll do a good job or that you’ll get your money’s worth. Many roofing companies don’t last beyond their first year of business due to unsatisfactory worker performance or dishonest advertising about the quality of materials they use. Indeed, LinkedIn reports that an astonishing number of roofing contractors get their start in sales or general installation rather than a specialized background in roof-related fields. 

At Express Roofing, we pride ourselves on having served the greater Maricopa County area for more than 20 years. And unlike many other local roofers, we’ve still retained a 5-star Top-Rated Local® rating by adhering to ethical business standards and only hiring the most competent team members. Whether you’re in Phoenix, Mesa, or Scottsdale, our team of professional roofing contractors will provide you with the same level of quality customer service, reliable products, and affordable rates. Contact us today to get a free quote on your concrete or clay tile installation, and we’ll be happy to help you work out the fine details to make sure you truly maximize the return on your roofing investment.