A tree with purple flowers in front of a metal-roofed home. Photo by Евгений Дмитриев on Unsplash.

Now that we’re well into March, it’s finally starting to feel like springtime once again in Maricopa County. With the Arizona sun coming out to play for more hours per day, odds are you’ve been motivated enough to get your spring cleaning done. But have you considered checking in on the status of your roof? 

Most homeowners in Mesa and surrounding areas like Phoenix and Gilbert have tile roofs, but whether you’re more of a ceramic fanatic or a shingle-ton, it’s crucial that you have a roof inspection at least once a year.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few tips for how you can get your roof ready for spring. Before you know it, it’ll be summer, which brings both intense heat and monstrous monsoons! 

Tip 1: Ditch the Debris

You might have glossed over the roof when you were doing your spring cleaning, but it’s not too late to climb up a ladder and clear out the gutters. The winter is certainly a time when leaves, dust, and other debris accumulate in the roof gutters, but keep in mind that this problem doesn’t go away once spring rolls around.

If there is a tree or any flowers or leafed plants near your roof, you can expect that as soon as they blossom, they’ll also cause backups in your gutter. Ditch the debris, so you can enjoy the spring worry-free.

Tip 2: Empty-Nester

Springtime is wonderful because it’s when so many birds and animals build their nests, but this is not wonderful when it takes place on your roof, in your gutters, or even in your chimney. When you’re cleaning the roof, be sure to keep an eye out for any collections or creations of sticks, feathers, and the like. If you do spot a nest, try to relocate it to a more natural environment in the trees or wherever the animal would best thrive.

Tip 3: Replace and Repair

While cleaning your roof, take a moment to inspect the structure for missing shingles, tiles, or sheet metal. If you notice anything unusual, whether it’s a cracked tile or an absent shingle, you’ll want to get that replaced as soon as possible. The longer your roof is exposed to the elements without an appropriate barrier, the weaker the whole structure will become.

Tip 4: Moss and Mold

When roofs are kept in a shady and damp environment, as so often is created by the cooler months in Arizona, they are much more likely to develop issues with moss and mold. But what is the difference? 

Moss is a small and delicate green plant that does not flower but instead forms velvety clumps and groups of organic material. Mold, on the other hand, usually appears on roofs as a result of algae or fungus. 

Regardless of whether you find green moss or slimy steaks of mold on your roof, you want to get that removed as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the moisture from the damp organisms will cause your roof to get “soggy” and weak, risking everything from leaks to the slope caving into the living room.

Final Thoughts 

If you need assistance with your spring roof cleaning, maintenance, or repair tasks, get in touch with Express Roofing today. We’re eager to help and to provide you with a free consultation!