Difference Between Tile and Shingle Roofing in Mesa

Difference Between Mesa Tile Roofing and Shingle

Tile roofing is normally either a natural product or made from natural substances like clay. The main consideration for whether tile or shingles would be appropriate for a roofing application is the carrying load of the Mesa home or building. If the building or your Mesa home is not rated for the weight of tile roofing, then tile is not an application that can be installed.

The most utilized form of tile roofing are Spanish tiles and slate tile roofing products. The lifespan of these roofing products are far superior to other forms of roofing like shingles.

Additionally, they hold up to storms and wind better than shingles, and they are better at withstanding and shedding heavy precipitation like snow and ice even though they are associated with dryer climates.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is almost twice as expensive as shingles in the installation and in the purchase of the tile itself. The heavy tile presents logistic issues, and only the most experienced, reputable roofing companies install this type of tile.

Hiring Mesa roofing professionals is important in all roofing issues including inspections because of the inherent danger of working with ladders, heights and under such conditions.

Additionally, the more experienced roofer are necessary for tile roofing because of the special application that is needed to install the product.

Tile roofing is rated for as much as 50 years, but many tile roofs have lasted over a hundred years in certain areas and applications. If the structure and budget permits, natural tile is a superior product.

Shingle Roofing

Mesa Shingle Roofing Services and Install
Shingles roofs in Mesa are half the price of tile roofing, and the most advanced shingle product is rated for as long as twenty years. However, most reputable roofers suggest replacing shingle roofing systems much sooner than the 20 year mark.

They are less durable than tile roofs, but they are very sturdy roofing materials still and are utilized at a much greater frequency than tile roofing. Shingles have very substantial warranties, but the systems must be installed correctly by licensed professionals to ensure that the warranty is not voided due to improper installations by novices.

All roofs should be inspected at least twice a year and after strong weather events by your trusted Mesa Roofing Contractor. However, this is especially true for shingle roofing because any items left on the roof will decay the roofing very rapidly. This includes children toys as well as tree branches and other natural materials.

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