What is Foam Roof Restoration?

Foam Roof RestorationSpray foam roofing systems have many benefits. Their most important features are waterproofing and as an added insulting barrier. They are a very durable surface that does not need flashing. To protect the sprayed surface from ultra violet degradation, moisture and the occasional traffic from maintenance personnel, the sprayed foam roof needs an extra barrier of protection. This barrier is often a pea gravel coating or an elastomeric overspray. These substances help to reinforce the waterproofing and insulating values of the roof coating in concert with their other properties. All these barriers combine to complete the roofing system. The barrier is strong and durable, but any substance that is exposed to the ravages of the sun will need maintenance. As the climate changes from season to season these roofing systems expand and contract. This movement causes cracks and splits in a process called elongation

However, there are quick fixes to some problem, but most problems are solved with the proper maintenance regimen. Pin holes and small punctures can be repaired with the proper compatible silicone or urethane supply kits. If the repair needs to be more aggressive, more involved steps are obviously involved. Commonly the approach is to remove all degraded material from the fissure until an area that has no damage is found. At this point, the area that the damage is removed from has to be abraded to accept the compound used to repair it. The spray foam company will then repair the fissure using the same methods and steps as the original install. These steps cannot be accomplished by unskilled contractors. It is advised to use the company that installed the product, especially if the experience was positive, but any reputable company can assist the customer in evaluating and repairing the spray foam system with competence and effectiveness. These problems are common with SPF roofs and are not indicative of poor installs.

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