Black metal roof on a glass building with white trim.

This Year’s Most In-Demand Roofing Designs

We’re well into the thick of 2021, which means that roofing industry trends, current colors, and design developments are finally making waves, especially in the world of metal roofing. In this guide from Express Roofing, we’ll tackle the most notable metal roofing color options available this year. 

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Overview Of Metal Roofing in 2021

What’s Making An Impression?

  • Matte Colors
  • Dark & Stormy
  • Metallics

Matte Makes Its Mark

If you’ve heard the term “matte” in some colorful context before, it may have been referring to paint swatches or makeup — but it’s an increasingly popular variety of metal roofing in 2021, too!

Solid, opaque, and non-shiny shades are beginning to grace more and more roofs on homes and businesses, especially here in Arizona. Seemingly inspired by a return to matte colors in the automotive and technology industries, the metal roofing trend towards unassuming hues is worthy of a closer look.

Like flat roofs themselves, matte colors are characterized by a “flat” kind of reflectivity, in that they don’t produce the same kinds of glare and excessive shininess that glossier colors often exhibit. Given that many properties in Mesa, Phoenix, and surrounding areas are styled in a classic Southwestern aesthetic of terracotta and adobe, the neutral mattes of gray, beige, and even black are extremely suitable for a large number of homes and businesses. 

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Dark Tones & Stormy Shades

For more than a few years, Arizona residents and property owners have questioned the energy efficiency of dark colors for roofing, as well as the use of metal as a building material. However, the increasing levels of innovation in local home design and construction methods have largely debunked these once debate-worthy ideas, and shed light on the fact that neither “dark” nor metal are really all that bad when it comes to roofing. So in 2021, we’re celebrating that shift with a newfound affinity for dark and downright stormy shades of roofing materials!

What’s trending on the “dark side” of metal roofing:

  • Black — in all forms: matte, shiny, thermally efficient, and more
  • Gray — everything from coal to charcoal, as well as bluish hues such as Payne’s Gray
  • Navy Blue — A timeless and classic color that works as well on a rooftop as it does for denim

Getting “Meta” with Metallics

It sounds a bit redundant to say that metal roofs can be differentiated by a  qualifier such as “metallic”, but that is precisely what we’ve seen moving up in the popularity ranks thus far in 2021. In fact, there are three metallic metal roofing styles that seem to be gaining the most traction in the trends of the industry.


This silvery metallic adds a cool, almost blue tinge to the otherwise neutral look of a metal roof. Much more than a mineral you get from your multivitamin, anyone with an affinity for platinum, titanium, and the like is sure to love the appearance — and the low price — of this design.


Not nearly as brassy as it may sound, the copper-toned metallics gracing metal roofs across the Western U.S. give homes and commercial properties a warm, timeless, and inviting feel. Think of this roofing design option as akin to a penny: it’s been around for as long as anyone can remember, but when you find a “lucky” one on the sidewalk, you’re irresistibly compelled to pick it up — perhaps that explains why it’s now so popular!

Rusted & Faux-Rosion 

Rust on a metal roof? It’s not true corrosion — just faux-rosion, or the aesthetically appealing style characteristic of a roof that looks simultaneously antique and avant-garde. Gaining popularity in up-and-coming cities such as Scottsdale and Queen Creek, this property enhancement option may fall into especially high favor amongst Millennials and their hipster-hearted subgroups. 

Final Takeaways On Metal Roofing Trends In 2021

As you’ve seen even in this brief article, metal roofs are getting more & more popular — so if you’re in the market get yours before the prices pop, too!

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